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Share your ico launch or token sale press release with us to reach's global audience. It will appear at the top of the Home Page in ICO News section. If approved and paid, we'll post it on our 12,500+ crypto enthusiasts following Facebook page.

Press releases for inappropriate or fraudulent products and services will not be published. BTC News has a right to refuse to publish your press release offering you a refund. By sending us the payment for the publication of your press release, you automatically grant our editors the right to proofread and correct its text accordingly. Additionally, you grant us the right to visually adapt the logo of your company, along with any other brand elements, when producing an artwork which will be published along with the press release.

BTC News will act to publish all Press Release as soon as possible once the content has been reviewed and the payment received. The content review may take up to 24 hours after the payment was received.

If you have any questions or to know about plans, feel free to contact us via and we will answer as soon as possible. Please follow this guide:


The lead, or opening paragraph, is the most important part of your release. In your press release, you give your audience the news. That's why the lead should give readers the most important information in a clear, concise and interesting manner.

1. Generally it shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 sentences, up to 40 words at most.

2. A good lead has a hook that would make the audience read further. The reader simply won't read beyond the first line of a story unless it grabs his or her interest. A good lead does just that.

3. The lead also establishes the direction of an article and an angle.


1. Writing a good headline can be a headache, but it pays off, as your headline is basically what the reader comes across first. The best way to write a good headline is to keep it simple and direct.

2. Use the active voice: Effective headlines use active voice and strong present tense verbs. Avoid passive verb and complex participle forms. Strong verbs will make your story lively.

3. Present tense, please: Use present tense for immediate past information, and future tense for coming events.

4. Limit your punctuation marks to one or two, all that is more looks unreadable

Other writing tips

1. Stylistically, even the press release shouldn't look different from a normal news story.

2. Your release should have a clear focus. A watery, confusing, self contradictory article with no logic will not compel readers to come to you again.

3. Be concrete, don't use vague terms that can have two or more meanings. Readers are not to solve riddles.

4. You may have an opinion, but try to be objective, don't use words that would reveal your bias.

5. All statements in your article should be supported.

6. Of figures and acronyms, only those that really matter should remain.

7. Don't try to show that you happen to know the words your reader doesn't. If in your article you deal with a legal staff, try to retell it making as simple as possible. Try to avoid the lawyers lingo.

8. Try not to use same words twice, at least in the same paragraph.

9 Don't use long sentences. It's not easy to scramble through 3 or 4 line complex sentences, so split them into shorter fragments.

10. Passive constructions can sound dull and leave out important information, such as the person or thing that caused the action.

11. Use independent sources wherever possible.

12. Use real names unless the sources asked us to hide them out of the considerations of their security etc.

13. Avoid flowery and embellished adjectives and replace them with more neutral words.

14. Avoid being intrusive in using brand names.

If you want to create an article by our writers, please contact us. Email for more details.